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IG Industries

Our modern co-extrusion equipment enables IG Industries to develop high performance films utilising a range of polyolefins for a number of technically demanding applications including:

Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS)
Constant Heat Type - IG have developed a range of  VFFS films which can run on Constant Heat (Crimp Seal) Jaws which can seal as either an overlap or fin back seal. The films are tough with good clarity and are used in a number of food markets (eg potato packaging).

Impulse Seal Type- IG have also created a range of films suited for high speed impulse seal machines. The films have good mechanical and a wide sealing window making them ideal for demanding applications such as deep freeze.

Liquid Packaging
Films with good flex crack resistance and mechanicals for packing of liquid products e.g. bag in box, pouches.

Wicketing films
Polyethylene films for conversion into bags on high speed wicketing machines used in the produce and bread markets.

Tape films
Technical films with excellent mechanical strength and flatness for use in the production of a wide range of tapes

Mailing films
A comprehensive range of plain and coloured mailing films suitable for conversion into envelope, security and publishing based applications

Our array of films are suitable for a variety of applications and we can develop and engineer specific technical films to suit the needs of your product, brand or market.

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