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IG Industries
Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a key product for IG Industries and the exceptional strength and protection properties means it is ideal for a variety of mainstream markets including the food and drink, personal care and industrial based sectors.

We can offer a broad range of collation shrink films including:

Co-extruded Shrink Films
Co-extruded shrink film is a specialist product for IG Industries and we are one of the leading producers in the UK.

By using the latest developments in co-extruded technology, our polyethylene films can now be produced at much thinner levels which offer significant yield improvement and cost savings per pack without compromising pack integrity i.e. strength, stiffness, sealing and puncture resistance.

In addition we manufacture a range of high clarity co-extrusion films to add gloss and transparency to your printed or plain packs and offer films for both single and twin feed machinery.

Printed shrink film
We offer high quality flexographic print up to 8 colours and are a major supplier to blue chip companies in the soft drinks, food, personal care and hygiene/tissue industries.

Non-fusion Film
Used to collate printed packs, our film is designed as a secondary transit wrap to ensure goods can be transported safely and can be removed without interfering with the primary printed point of sale packaging.

Mono Layer Shrink Films
We can provide single and twin feed standard and high strength mono layer shrink films and can produce formulations to suit a variety of equipment.

We have also developed an array of bespoke shrink films which have been formulated to suit a customerís specific requirements.

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