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IG Industries

IG Industries produce a range of films that are engineered to be laminated to other substrates including OPP and PET.

Using modern co-extrusion equipment, our films are manufactured to include properties such as excellent film flatness, thickness distribution and high barrier protection against moisture which ultimately enhance performance.

Markets include food, drink, horticulture, hygiene and pet food.

In addition every film we manufacture has consistent winding and low gel count, which are vital for this application.

We can offer a range of standard and specialist laminated films to suit your requirements:

Standard Range
Includes metallocene and octene LLDPE and LDPE films in natural and pigmented forms.

Specialist Range
A number of co-extrusion films have been designed with specialised sealing layers that provide specific properties. Included in this range are a number of peelable film options which provide peel seals to a full range of substrates such as PE, APET, PP, PVC, foil and paper.

Other films in the range have been designed to meet customers’ particular requirements such as very low seal limitation temperature and overlap sealing to OPP.

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